Sep 14

MCC Fine Art Gallery to showcase theatrical design exhibit

MCC Fine Art Gallery to showcase theatrical design exhibit
FLINT, MI — The Mott Community College Fine Arts Gallery is presenting an exhibition of work by Lansing-area artist Amber Cook titled "From Page to Stage: Theatrical Design." Her work will be in the gallery from Monday, Sept. 22, through Tuesday, Oct. 7.
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Prairie artists celebrate colorful landscape at Fine Arts Festival
In choosing the theme, “We wanted to acknowledge that the wonderful colors of the blue sky, the brown earth and the green that grows in North Dakota was really what we envisioned as God's palette,” said Gladys Cairns, Fine Arts Festival chair. “This is …
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Museum of Fine Arts offers rich culture in many forms
Houston, with its rich culture and love of the arts, offers easy access and countless opportunities to experience visual forms that demonstrate human creative talent. The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, then, can be thought of as an art hub, providing …

Sep 02

Latest Maverick Behavior News

Open skies and seas are good for everyone
China has defended this wannabe mainland Maverick and blamed the U.S. instead for "provocative" behavior. In its eyes, continued U.S. surveillance flights are a humiliating reminder of American military dominance in Asia, and proof that the U.S. is not …
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Establishment Mavericks: Borah and Church on Foreign Affairs, Part 1
This month marks 50 years since the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution vote. Borah's subsequent re-examination of America's international behavior is most clearly brought into focus in the context of the protracted debate over U.S. recognition of the Soviet Union.
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The Romance Reader: 'Heroes Are My Weakness'
Annie can't reconcile the man she gets to know with the teenager who terrorized her with psychotic behavior many years earlier. She's drawn to him, even as she … 3 of 5 hearts. Here is another Montana Maverick story from Rust Creek Falls. Caleb …
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Aug 21

Maverick Nerf


Do you like a sidearm that shoots perfectly well and a convenient weapon that you can have around? Do you wonder what should be the perfect gift you will give to your little boy with Christmas fast approaching now?

If you’re looking for a popular toy gun with a nifty futuristic look then you better own a Maverick Nerf! There are many colors that this Maverick nerf has – from yellow to orange and black. A Maverick nerf can surely make any kid happy who dreams of being a soldier one day. This Maverick nerf has a grip that is not stressful to the hands – it is in fact relaxing and your kid won’t have any pressure pressing the trigger.

This Maverick nerf’s bullet chamber is slightly bigger so that is just so cool – you can be able to store up to six bullets inside it. There is even a feature lock that gives this toy gun a safe toy to have around and so you will have no chance of misfiring whatsoever.

This toy gun is considered to be one of its kind – its mechanical system is unique as compared to the other side arms being sold in the market. The Maverick nerf is very intriguing of a toy gun in every way. The futuristic look of it just makes it different in its own right.

The Maverick nerf is a very accurate shooting side arm due to its shorter length. Any kid could hit his target with the help of this nerf. Only six shots this toy can accommodate but then again those darks fit snugly indeed – your kid can hit bull’s eye with a single hit.

If you really want to go for a toy gun that will suit your kid and his interest, you must first know if he is into long firearms or short ones. If your kid is into short firearms, then there is no doubt in mind that this is the best side arm for him.

But if you are buying this toy for yourself, then you have all the right to buy it or modify it if you like. Just so you know you can shoot your Maverick nerf without batteries – and here’s how:

You must open the gun and unscrew all the screws you see.
You must find the thing that makes this long nerf click if you turn it with or by force.
Find a spring and put it inside the “thing” that makes the nerf click.
The spring must load back together with the maverick nerf every time you cock it and it should spring every time you apply force and when it is nearly clicking. The spring must start springing by then. Another important thing you must remember is that you must remember how to screw your maverick nerf together!

Maverick nerf is a toy to be treasured – make sure you have this kind of toy gun in your collection. You will never regret having one. And if you are ready to start practicing your “sniper skills” check out the long-range firing, Longshot Nerf.

CaSandra Poulos is a kid at heart and still has Nerf guns.

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Jul 28

Noble Rehabbers To Revive Historic Hampton Township House

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PRWEB) July 26, 2014

Pittsburgh Real Estate Investors Association member Noble Rehabbers LLC purchased a historic farm house in Hampton Township. The property on McKee Drive is set to become a unique work of art.

Noble Rehabbers LLC is a unique partnership between one or Western Pennsylvania’s best known real estate investors, Josh Caldwell; and a uniquely skilled general contractor named Scott Berkich. The company takes their name form the fact that a portion of the proceeds from every house that they rehabilitate goes directly to a real estate or Pittsburgh based charity. A percentage of the profit from this particular house will be sent to Frank McKinney’s Caring House Project, a charity that builds houses for the extremely poor in Haiti.

The newest project house located at 2384 McKee Drive, Allison Park, PA 15101, is located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s North Hills. The property itself is nearly an acre and offers easy access to both Rt. 8 and McKnight Rd. Historic real estate in the Hampton School District is very hard to find, and the McKee Drive house in unique. The key feature of the existing house is an extensive wraparound porch which will serve as a focal point of family living. Great care will be taken throughout the rehab process to preserve as much of the home’s old world style as possible. At the same time, every mechanical system will be carried forward into the modern era. The net result will be a home that is both beautiful and functional. Attention to detail both inside and out will be evident in the final product, as artisanal touches are applied in every space.

Noble Rehabbers have several events planned for the public enjoyment of this house. The first will be a mid-demolition preview for real estate agents and potential buyers. The second event will be a “Naming Event” after the reconstruction phase has started. A house this unique needs a name, and Noble Rehabbers want to engage the community in choosing an appropriate name. Lastly the biggest event will be the final unveiling of the completed project. It is likely that the home will be sold before final completion; however, Noble Rehabbers believe that the artistry of their product is meant to be unveiled to future buyers.

Noble Rehabbers combine an artistic touch with an understanding of fine building techniques. Each property is designed to be a one of a kind work of art with its own character and feel. Taking a cue from the art world, Noble Rehabbers seek to create art within a four walled living structure. To contact Noble Rehabbers about this project or any rehabilitation project call 724-426-5348.

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Jul 16

Results of Elections Announced by MidAtlantic Farm Credit

Westminster, Maryland (PRWEB) May 21, 2012

MidAtlantic Farm Credit, an agricultural lending cooperative, recently announced the results of their annual election of board and nominating committee members.

The following were elected to serve on the cooperative’s board of directors: Deborah A. Benner, Mt. Joy, PA and Jennifer L. Rhodes, Centreville, MD.

Benner, along with her husband, owns and operates Yippee Farms, a dairy operation consisting of three dairy facilities. They also grow alfalfa, rye, corn and other grains on 700 acres.

Rhodes owns and operates Deerfield Farms LLC, a 110-acre poultry and grain farm with her two sons. She is also employed as an extension educator for the Agriculture and Natural Resources, Univeristy of Maryland, Extension, Queen Anne’s County.

Elected to serve on the 2013 nominating committee were: Alan D. Balmer, Lebanon, PA; Jerry A. Burner, Luray, VA; Kirk D. Carmean, Snow Hill, MD; David M. Crum, Walkersville, MD; Paul R. Dotterer, Union Bridge, MD; Timothy F. French, Woodstock, VA; Douglas W. Green, Princess Anne, MD; Robert M. Hutchison, Cordova, MD; Bryan C. Melvin, Wyoming, DE; Burton D. Messick, Laurel, DE; George O. Morris, Centreville, MD; and Jay L. Weaver, Myerstown, PA.

In order to serve as a director or on the nominating committee you must be a member/stockholder of MidAtlantic Farm Credit.

About MidAtlantic Farm Credit

MidAtlantic Farm Credit (MidAtlantic) is one of the largest agricultural lenders on the East Coast. Their chartered territory includes parts of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. They are part of the national Farm Credit System, a cooperative lender with more than 500,000 borrowers and a portfolio of over $ 178 billion.

Jul 04

Medium Density Fiberboard Procurement Category Market Research Report Now Available from IBISWorld

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 04, 2014

Medium density fiberboard (MDF) has a buyer power score of 2.9 out of 5, reflecting moderate negotiating conditions for buyers. MDF price movements depend largely on residential and nonresidential expenditure levels, as well as private spending on home improvements. These drivers have exhibited strong growth over the three years to 2014, boosting demand for MDF. According to IBISWorld procurement analyst Jesse Chiang, “growing demand for MDF has allowed suppliers to increase their prices, lowering buyer negotiation power.” Rising prices are restraining buyer power because buyers are less able to delay contractual decisions with prices increasing continuously. Instead, buyers must negotiate contracts to lock in lower prices. Prices are forecast to grow substantially over the three years to 2017, which will continue to reduce buyer power in the coming years.

Price increases for inputs such as lumber also led to price growth for MDF, limiting negotiation flexibility for suppliers that struggled to maintain profitability. As a result, buyers have had fewer opportunities to arrange favorable deals and negotiate lower prices. Additionally, moderate market share concentration and product specialization have created a tougher purchasing environment for buyers. “Large, vertically integrated operators have significant market power, while moderate product specialization reduces buyers’ ability to locate suppliers capable of satisfying their specific product requirements,” says Chiang.

Nevertheless, buyers do have some considerable advantages. The high availability of substitute goods ensures that buyers are not forced to accept major concessions in their contracts because of their ability to switch to other suppliers that distribute alternative building materials. Secondly, low switching costs limit suppliers’ ability to charge higher prices. Lastly, despite high demand driver volatility, volatility in prices for MDF products has been low. This factor has benefited buyers by making inventory planning and budget forecasts easier. The top four vendors in the market are Louisiana-Pacific, Weyerhaeuser, West Fraser Timber, and Plum Creek Timber.

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IBISWorld Procurement Report Key Topics

This report is intended to assist buyers of medium density fiberboard (MDF). MDF is an engineered wood product made of a mixture of wood fibers, resin and wax. MDF does not have knots or grain patterns, making it easy to work with in many building applications. Due to its strength and comparatively low cost, furniture manufacturers use MDF as a substitute for hard wood products. Both manufacturers and wholesalers supply MDF.

Executive Summary

Pricing Environment

Price Fundamentals

Benchmark Price

Pricing Model

Price Drivers

Recent Price Trend

Price Forecast

Product Characteristics

Product Life Cycle

Total Cost of Ownership

Product Specialization

Substitute Goods


Quality Control

Supply Chain & Vendors

Supply Chain Dynamics

Supply Chain Risk


Competitive Environment

Market Share Concentration

Market Profitability

Switching Costs

Purchasing Process

Buying Basics

Buying Lead Time

Selection Process

Key RFP Elements

Negotiation Questions

Buyer Power Factors

Key Statistics

About IBISWorld Inc.

IBISWorld is one of the world’s leading publishers of business intelligence, specializing in Industry research and Procurement research. Since 1971, IBISWorld has provided thoroughly researched, accurate and current business information. With an extensive online portfolio, valued for its depth and scope, IBISWorld’s procurement research reports equip clients with the insight necessary to make better purchasing decisions, faster. Headquartered in Los Angeles, IBISWorld Procurement serves a range of business, professional service and government organizations through more than 10 locations worldwide. For more information, visit or call 1-800-330-3772.

Jun 10

Beautiful art, good weather draw crowds to Hinsdale Fine Arts Festival

Beautiful art, good weather draw crowds to Hinsdale Fine Arts Festival
More than 140 artists exhibited their work at the Hinsdale Fine Arts Festival this weekend and thousands of people came out to enjoy the two-day event. Artworks, including paintings, ceramics, outdoor pieces, kinetic sculptures and three-dimensional …
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Fine arts graduates juggle jobs for art in tight market
But some recent university graduates and fine arts faculty have words of advice to budding musicians, actors and artists now with high school diploma in hand: Be flexible, creative and a little bit entrepreneurial and you still can make a career in …
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Jun 07

Making the Most Out of Cash Back Cards

Nearly all credit cards come with some kind of spending incentive, for example making airline miles or points toward a vacation. These wages frequently fluctuate determined by the way you’re using your card. Some card firms truly offer you cashback for using their card, producing this kind of credit card among the most popular for many buyers; obtaining cash back gives a lot more versatility than miles or factors. What are some manners you can maximize your cash-back bonuses? Go on understanding as well as
Study the Fine Print
The secret to making the most away of any charge card is to make sure to read the fine print on your cardholders’ agreement. There are several potential offers which is why you may be eligible; you should locate the one that actually offers you the finest price when all the distinct variables are taken into consideration.
A lot of card-holder businesses offer preliminary incentives at first, but there may be a price to pay later on. Below are some common illustrations:
- Sign up bonuses: Several credit card firms provide cash bonuses simply for signing up for their cards. Be careful with this, though. Registering for too many cards in a short amount of time could easily get you more cash in funds bonuses, but can additionally cost you some factors off your credit score.
- Always Check cash back buy details: Some cards advertise a rate as high as five-percent cash back. What the fine-print tells you, though, is the higher cash back rate simply applies in certain stores or on special purchases, typically with corporations that associate with the charge card company.
- Reduced introductory APR and credit card balance transfers: Some cash-back cards provide a very low opening annual percentage rate, particularly on balance exchanges. The uninformed card-holder may maybe not recognize that cash back benefits do not apply to harmony transfers. Moreover, if the complete balance is not compensated off at the end of the opening period, you may find yourself confronting sizable charges after all.
Playing the Greatest Hand
As the tune goes, you must know when to hold them and understand when to collapse them; this advice pertains to charge cards too. If you’ve several cash back cards, use each one of these where it optimizes your buy. Cards that offer higher cash back at the fuel station should be utilized there just, while cards that offer more cash back for grocery store should be employed for every grocery store excursion. By wonderfully leapfrogging cards in this manner, you are able to optimize your cashback rewards very rapidly at exactly the same time that you are fostering your credit score. Just remember to keep your balances reduced or paid off in complete every month to prevent the higher interest rate fees that would wind up cancelling out any cash back benefits you may be getting as you-go. Strive to decide low-interest credit cards also.