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Kotobukiya Marvel Comics Spiderman Maximum Carnage Fine Art Statue
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Sova Hand Painted Leather Hobo Bag - 12 Adorable Fine Arts
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Apr 12


Art is an amazing topic. It’s something that is described to be a process or art work of something that is a symbol that influences and effect either the senses, emotions and intellect or if not all of these into one item. It a creation that can make you feel different feelings all at the same time and can be set aside and stand out of the crowd from all the rest.

Art can come in many forms, cave paintings and sculptures and been known to have been found from over 40,000 years ago. This is a very long time and if you are to find such beauty in a good condition then it could mean a very good future for yourself and can make others very happy indeed. Another form of art would be  canvas artwork which is also very popular to a lot of people which also dates back to a few hundred years ago.

A brilliant human find to do with art would be the oldest piece of art which was found and it is over 75,000 years old, the art is of a series of tiny drilled shells which was discovered in a south African cave. That would have been an amazing find and has truly added to the creating side we have and just goes to show that it’s not just these modern materials we have to hand these days but it comes down to imagination and talent to.

Works of art can be very elusive as the art is always created for one purpose but then can also be looked at in another way and used for a different purpose in another one’s mind. This would explain the shire brilliance and can show you what an art piece can be, even if it’s something made from  canvas or if it’s a painting or a sculpture or even if some form of pottery. That is the beauty of art and it’s why it will always be a part of who we are and what we do as we will always continue to create these wonders to for fill our need to express our feelings and to show off out talents.

If I had to give someone a gift then you can never go wrong with giving them some art. I would personally give a painting or a print of a painting but if you have a bit of spare money that you don’t mind using up then would look into getting a piece of art weather that be a strange object or a painting or sculpture I think giving someone something that has history to it will be absolutely fabulous and the outcome will be breath taking.

Now that you have a little idea as to how long ago art has been around then why not let your friends know of the importance art has in our lives and yours. Are has know to become very trendy in our modern homes so it can also be looked at as a fashion icon as the art we all enjoy in any shape or form has something in common either way.

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Feb 24

Racine Art Museum opens new exhibitions

Racine Art Museum opens new exhibitions
RACINE — Two exhibitions have opened at the Racine Art Museum, 441 Main St., and continue through June 5. They are "California Dreamin': Mark Adams and Frank Lobdell" and "Paper/Plastic: Contemporary Adornment." While the work of Mark Adams …
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Two exhibitions, one mission
Yukie Kamiya does not seem too shocked when I mention I have not visited the Japan Society Gallery in New York despite having lived in the city for a number of years. “We have to do a better job at reaching out to other audiences,” jokes the recently …
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Snowbirds ready for upcoming archery season following 2 exhibitions
The Snowbirds have held two exhibitions against Johannesburg-Lewiston to prepare for their upcoming season. During a Saturday, Feb. 13 contest, they topped J-L 3,326-3,034 by relying on high scores from Alysse Masko (287), Eamon Curran (285), Kate …
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Feb 12

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Sterling Silver Flatware - International Fine Arts Tranquility Regular Fork
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Jan 19

Menstrual metaphors have been turned into an ingenious art exhibition

Menstrual metaphors have been turned into an ingenious art exhibition
"Over the years we've conjured up so many euphemisms to allude to menstruation without actually saying the words 'I have my period,'" the exhibition events page says. "Most of them are so hilariously unrelated to periods it's not funny." Women can …

Colin Davidson's Troubles exhibition now bound for Paris
Kim Mawhinney, head of Art, National Museums Northern Ireland, said: "Thousands of local and international visitors have come to the Ulster Museum to see this powerful exhibition and many have been able to identify with the pain and suffering portrayed …
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Dec 26

Members of the Fine Arts Quartet, Harold Siegel, Frank Glazer, Michael Steinberg, Leonard Sorkin, Irving Ilmer & George Sopkin – Quintet In a Major, Op. 114 “The Trout”: IV. Andante – Theme & Variations

Members of the Fine Arts Quartet, Harold Siegel, Frank Glazer, Michael Steinberg, Leonard Sorkin, Irving Ilmer & George Sopkin – Quintet In a Major, Op. 114 “The Trout”: IV. Andante – Theme & Variations

from 111 Classical Masterpieces

Price: USD 0.99
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Dec 14

Framing Fine Art

When people consider buying a work of fine art, they usually focus on what kind of artwork they prefer – whether sculpture, painting or photography would be best for the space they have in mind – and then the details of what would be right within the medium, for example whether to choose a wooden sculpture or a metal one, an abstract painting or a figurative one.

All of these decisions are important, and getting them right is the only way to end up with something you’re really happy with at the end of the day. It’s worthwhile taking your time, discussing with friends or family, and going around galleries or searching online, such as on, to see what’s out there.

However, once all of these decisions have been made, there is often another decision, which is also important but often not given the consideration it deserves. That is the question of framing. Of course, this generally won’t arise if you’ve chosen a sculpture for your room, but paintings and photographs, for example, do usually require framing.

The kind of frame you choose will have more of an impact than you might think. It actually influences the impression of the work itself, and how it looks on the wall and the kind of atmosphere the piece as a whole contributes to the room. For this reason, it’s important to choose the right frame – right for the piece, right for the room, and right for you.

In some ways, picking a frame is a personal decision in the same sort of way buying art is something special to each individual. Some people can’t stand gilt frames, or anything ornate, while others hate thin frames, or dark ones. Never choose something you’re not going to be happy to see on your wall every day.

However, there are also aspects of the artwork that need to be taken into account. Not every frame will suit your piece – for example, sometimes a detailed, visually complex work will be best set off with a plain frame, as an intricate one will only detract from what’s most important – the work itself.

Your own sense of what is appropriate will be valuable here, but for guidance or for an indication of what sorts of factors are worth considering, you can speak to the person or organization you bought the work from. An artist will be able to tell you what he or she imagined for the piece when they created it, and although this isn’t necessary binding, it’s definitely something to consider. Similarly, a dealer or gallery director will be able to explain the formal considerations they take into account when framing works in their own space. They’ll also have years of experience which will help them work out what’s suitable and what’s not.

Another aspect to consider – and to let the artist or director know about if you’re talking to them about the issue – is the wall that the painting is going on. If it’s a yellow wall, for instance, you might not want a light wooden frame, as the colors might not show the painting or print to advantage. Or, if it’s a relatively small wall, you might not want to go for a thick frame, which could clutter your visual space. Take a photo of the space in question, and show it to the person you’re asking for advice, so that they have an idea of what to suggest.

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Nov 20

Latest Queen’s Univeristy News

Queen takes personal interest in dementia with award to pioneering university
Bradford University, which has helped create new national standards for person-centred dementia care and training for Britain's health and social services, was one of 21 UK universities and colleges awarded the Queen's Anniversary Prizes today.

Football players learning life lessons while winning at Phillips Academy
"We didn't even have a ball in the building of any kind.'' McAllister, who played football at Queen's University in Canada, wondered what he had gotten himself into at Phillips. He originally had come to Chicago in 2006 to work as a kindergarten …
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Oct 15

Taking the Road of Fine Arts

A very broad word like Fine Arts would mean different things for different fields. For example, in arts it is defined as the creation of beautiful objects; artistic work that is meant to be appreciated for its own sake, rather than serve some useful function. In education, this would mean a college course in arts; a course of study designers to teach students practical artistic skills as well as the theory and history of art. Have you seen the difference of both definitions? Whatever the most appropriate denotation for this word is, it only proves that enough knowledge and learning is required to know more about of the things which are not that familiar to a person.

Have you finished a collegiate course in Fine Arts? Or if you’re an upcoming “freshman” are you planning to take it as your course? What are the opportunities that await you if you finished it? Do you know that a graduate of this course can practice his craft in different art and design related industries? A graduate can enter the field of acting, considering the fact that the study of this field involves its students into intensive acting workshops, trainings and seminars. Not only that, they can also pursue a career in musical theater because they have undergone voice lessons and workshops as part of their education curriculum. With enough financial capital, a graduate of this course can set up their own ceramic business and they act as the designer of ceramic products. If you think that ends up the possible industries where a Fine Arts graduate can enter, think twice: the long list is just starting. Computer animation is an addition to the field where they can practice what they have studied for and if they want to, they can spend their time in creative writing. A degree holder of this course can also be a commercial interior designer or whatever specialization in the interior design field he or she may take.

It is a notable scenario where design professionals have settled a career in the fields of interior design. With their complete knowledge and skills in aesthetics, it makes it easier for them to adapt to the said field. Those who have the passion for taking aesthetically beautiful pictures and images may involve themselves into the field of photography. Those who have dreamed to produce a film can enter the film production industry. These are only a few of the fields where a Fine Arts graduate can involve himself. All of this only means one thing: a bunch of opportunities awaits you in the field of Fine Arts.

Carolyn Miller has been engaged in the professional practice of interior design in Chicago, since 1994, after obtaining a bachelors degree in design from the Ecole d’Arts Appliques, Poitiers, France, 1984-1987. Her affiliations in Agence Vidal, which is an architectural firm, and in Air France, both located in Paris polished her knowledge in architectural design. She currently works on a renovation project for her company.